Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Indiana Jones 4: crossing my fingers...

I may be blogging a lot today because it's very, very quiet at work this week. At least, it seems to be. I got here at 7:30am (the effects of parking on a street on its street cleaning day), and it's 9 now and I feel like it should be around 11. Partly I think this is because I had a SlimFast for breakfast around 7, and I feel like solid food would have been a better choice, since now it's three hours until lunchtime. But anyway, all that is a tangent.

I haven't read all of this Vanity Fair article yet (five pages, no thank you, not this early in the morning) but I am pretty excited, right now, for the new Indiana Jones movie. Look:

Cate Blanchett. Being totally awesome and Russian and a little evil.

Now I just have to hope that George Lucas doesn't screw it up as badly as he did the Star Wars "prequels." (The quote in the third paragraph here is not promising.)

(via Cinematical)

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Kim said...

Man, I love me some Cate. And I love me some Indy. I hope this is good. Want to see it together?