Tuesday, January 08, 2008

More on Hillary

Read this:

Victory in November's election to succeed U.S. President George W. Bush would make Clinton the first U.S. female president after 43 male heads of state.

But that possibility could be fading if primary voters opt for the promise of hope and change projected by Obama over Clinton's experience and readiness to lead.

Those issues rather than gender will determine whether the U.S. senator from New York and wife of former President Bill Clinton stands or falls, according to Naomi Wolf, author of the 1991 bestseller "The Beauty Myth" and other books.

"None of the polling or the focus groups indicate that people are ... (snubbing) her because she is a woman but because of a deficit in how she is projecting leadership," Wolf said.

"If anything, she is too entrenched, too competent a leader. She ... has been on the world stage and people (voters) are sick of people who are ... on the world stage," she said.

Now think about it in the context of this and this.

Media coverage of politics, more than anything else, makes me repeat the mantra "Not everything is as it seems" to myself.

I feel like my prolific posting of late could start annoying people.


Silvs said...

dude my google reader is on hyperdrive with all your posts. where do you find the time?

Emily said...

work. mostly.