Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Observations & Lessons

This morning I made a total idiot of myself in the kitchen because there were these oranges that looked really lumpy and felt really soft and disturbing. Danielle (my co-worker) was there so she asked the guy doing the food stocking if the oranges were supposed to be so soft. I was just going to give up and eat an apple, because the bananas are not ripe enough, and the oranges were confusingly soft, but then finally when the food stock guy didn't know, Danielle just opened the orange and we discovered it was a mandarin orange. Who knew?! There was no label. Then I ate half of it and discovered, I don't think I like mandarin oranges. Or rather, I think I prefer them soaked in syrup out of a can.

In other news, the CBS Early Show has the cheesiest titles. Yesterday they had a woman on who was talking about this crappy album she made called "Skinny Songs" which is literally about losing weight and intended to be motivational, and the title of the segment was "Weapons of Mass Reduction." Seriously, it's awful. The things you suffer through when you are at the gym. You know, that and exercise.


D said...

That reminds me of your mom freaked out whilst reaching into her purse and saying that there was a lizard tail in her purse!!

It was instead a very old baby carrot, that was all rubbery, and brownish, greenish, blackish

don't know why your blog reminded my of that...but it did

Anonymous said...

Actually, I think you have it backwards. For while I had an old shriveled carrot in my purse traveling harmlessly back and forth to and from work), getting older and shriveled-er. Then one Saturday I was washing the apt floor under the sewing table (that was being used as kitchen table). In the corner was what I thought was my old carrot, so I picked it up, only to discover it was a dead lizard. Then, as you say, I freaked out. You asked me why I even picked it up and I told you I thought it was the rubbery carrot from my purse and you couldn't understand why I was keeping an old carrot.

D said...

you're right it is better the way you tell it. Boy I bet you were relieved to find your wayward shriveled carrot on the floor.
Wait, I guess I never did figure out why you were hauling it back and forth to work. Makes me laugh though.