Friday, January 18, 2008


On another discovering-my-neighborhood note, I went to spork for dinner last night. I don't know why, but I was in the mood for tasty American cooking and I was not disappointed. I got a steak, which was fantastic, really, and I rarely get steak but every so often I just have to. This one was almost brisket-y, really juicy & tender in the middle but with a spice-rubbed crisp outside and a horseradish sauce. Of course it came with some haricots verts and mashed potatoes. Dan got mussels & pork (with a spork!), which was like eight pounds of melty meat in what I hear was a very spicy sauce. I did taste it and the mussels were huge and kind of amazing. That and a glass of wine and it was a perfect dinner. Also, the decor is really great too -- a few reused things, naked light bulbs, big wall art that wasn't overbearing or pretentious or cluttering, and a general upscale almost-dinery almost-pop-arty feel. Just a friendly plug!

(Pictures of us with sporks forthcoming when I get them from Sara.)

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Kim said...

I read about this place in Daily Candy a few months ago and thought it sounded great -- glad to hear it is!