Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Heath Ledger

Alright, so the Brad Renfro death last week was sad but not wholly shocking to me, but now Heath Ledger died too! Rachel pointed out that he is just a person and people die all the time but a) young people don't die all the time and b) celebrities don't die all the time, at least not young ones. I mean, I know everyone is kind of crossing their fingers whenever there is a new Britney headline but I did not expect this one. It makes me oddly sad, in that perverse way that deaths of people you don't know sometimes do, and in that way where I feel like a total tool because it is just another person and I shouldn't really care. (I also feel bad because my first response to this news when Rachel told me was "This is so the kind of thing that would happen to Jen Lindley!" Because it so is.) Plus, he's really young, only 28. Then it also makes me sad because I liked Heath & Michelle and was sad when they broke up, and also because I love that their daughter is named Matilda Rose and it makes me sad that she won't have her dad around. And then finally it makes me want to go home and watch 10 Things I Hate About You, because that was my introduction to Heath Ledger and I feel the need to pay some kind of obscure strange respect, which probably he would hate because I'm pretty sure he always regretted doing a teen flick. I should probably pay more proper homage and watch Brokeback Mountain. But that would just be sadder. Gah. I feel like a total idiot. Also, blogging sucks when you really are trying to say something.


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Anonymous said...

I fell in my shower this morning (taking my curtain, curtain rod, and two tiles with me) and this news was still by far the worst part of my day. :(


Anonymous said...

Em, that discomforting feeling you are experiencing is called "empathy." It's the legacy of a literary upbringing. You are able to relate to others, real and imaginary. It's not a bad thing.

Susan said...

I am 38 and was sitting with my husband watching the news when word of Heath Ledger's death came on. I cried...at my age, with my hubby right there...I cried. It was so sad. And I have to say, he kept 10 Things I Hate About You from being just another "teen" movie. He was wonderful and had the potential to surpass the best actors out there right now. He would have been great. Heck, he was great. You are right to mourn. We are all mourning.

Anonymous said...

Hey Susan, I am 44 and I cried like a baby, and cried some more when I read of Michelle's reaction to the unfortunate news.
This kid was a doll and I will mourn him shamelessly.
I think Heath died of a heart attack, it may have been any cause, with his busy schedule no wonder.
Beside it is not easy to be in public eye at all times, heck I don’t know how I would cope with that, I would smile once, twice and then I have to slap some idiot who puts the flash into my eyes.
His death is quite a shock, and I tried for days to imagine the world without him, but I still see him smiling.
Now, excuse me, maybe I have no idea what a drug addict looks like, but this guy was always sober in my eyes.
And to add the way in which he looked always at Michelle… LOVE was in the air.
I would hope that Jake steps in and helps Michelle raise little Matilda. Deep down in my heart I wish Jake marry Michelle.
Both had the best of Heath… why not?

Off, I shall miss him always.