Monday, January 14, 2008

Planet Earth is awesome

Ok, I realize that everyone else has already seen Planet Earth. I, however, am overloaded by media and stuff to watch and Buffy and whatever, and so I did not get around to watching it until Saturday, despite threatening to do so for years. Now I can tell you what everyone else already has: Planet Earth is fucking amazing. I literally have to buy the DVDs now (although I'm actually holding off since I feel like they'd be better on blu-ray, and I don't want to buy them twice). I could watch them over and over again. I learned so much about weird and amazing animals! (Like this! This is a bird! I swear. It's doing a mating dance. I couldn't remember its name so this is the best picture I could find.) I cringed, I (almost) cried (elephants separated from their mom are really sad), I was cuted to death by baby polar bears. Seriously, watch it watch it watch it. It is amazing.


Kim said...

The episode on seasonal forests. Cutest. Birds. Ever. Learning how to fly/falling from trees (and landing safely, don't worry). They show it in slow motion, and it has this music...omg I was laughing so hard I cried. And The Boy was too, which is saying something.

el super said...

i cried when the big polar bear got stranded and couldn't kill a walrus. i wanted the crew to intervene! i also really liked the cave episode for some random reason. it was like a real life scary movie