Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Cristina on Hillary

My friend Cristina has some really insightful things to say about Hillary Clinton. Excerpted:

I’m having lots of tissues with the whole presidential things. It seems that everyone I know is voting for obama (clearly i only know liberals so this is skewed), which I am ok with but I get a little annoyed when I hear why people are not voting for hillary “I juts don’t like her personality." "i think she's cold." "i don't trust a menopausal woman." "She's not emotional enough." "what emotion she does she is fake." All of this makes me really upset because i don't actually think that she is being judged by the same standard that all the men who are running are being judged by. She truly can't fucking win because everything she does is viewed as being too much and too little and it really pisses me off. I mean basically what it comes down to is she’s a woman and therefore whatever she does will be judged in that way.

And now the whole tearing up thing.

I'm not asking people to vote for someone just because she has a vagina but i'm saying that we should really look at why we are voting for someone else. i think that if Hillary were to win, anything bad that would happen would be blamed on her being a woman. But if Obama were to win anything bad would be blamed on his character. But as a woman our characters are inextricably tied to our womanhood, and this makes it really hard to get anywhere in a male oriented world.

i'm just real annoyed is all i'm saying because basically this is all some fucking sexist bullshit.

This is what I'm talking about.

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