Friday, January 18, 2008

The Knockout

I went to this bar twice in the last week and I think I love it. I feel like I haven't discovered as many of the restaurants and bars and venues in the city despite living there for half a year, but the Knockout (Yeah, I know everyone else knows about it already, but whatever) is pretty damn sweet. Why? Well last week was the aforementioned doo-wop oldies night, which was great. Then last night, we went there for BINGO! Seriously, you wouldn't think this was a good idea but apparently my generation likes to do things that old people do (bocce, shuffleboard, bingo, puzzles, I shit you not, these are all popular pastimes) and it was a damn good time. The only sad thing was that none of our huge group won a single bingo round. Guess that means we'll have to go back. All the bingo cards had the name of a mortuary in Berkeley on them for some reason, and you got a bingo with every drink you bought. I guess the other downside besides the not winning is that wanting to win bingo means you drink more, but I only had two drinks during the bingo round. Other great things about this bar: they had a root beer float cocktail. Yes, this is ridiculous and I probably will never have it again because it probably has about 900 grams of sugar in it, but I had to try it once and it was delicious, made from root beer, vanilla vodka and creme liqueur. Tasty, indeed. Anyway, after bingo was "WORST MUSIC EVER," which, by the way, was "BEST MUSIC EVER." I knew the words to literally every song, because it was basically a rundown of all these overplayed hits from the 80s on to today. Let me think: From a Distance, We Didn't Start the Fire, We Built This City, Two Princes, Summer of 69, I'm Just a Girl, Blame it on the Rain, etc. etc. Crossing genres and blowing my mind. I pretty much could have stayed there all night since it's pretty much my idea of a good time. Sometimes bad music is better than good music, like after you played bingo and when you are out with like 10 of your friends on a Thursday. Hurrah. I can't wait for the next Worst Music Ever night. Or for bingo. Bingo!!

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