Thursday, January 24, 2008

Self-indulgent photos

Finally! I cleaned my disaster of a room and made up my bed so you can see my new bedding. I'm very excited about this newest step in my redecoration/life makeover.

The bedding is West Elm. (So is the hedgehog pillow. The pillow with the perfectly-matching tree on it is Ikea though.)

So you can (vaguely) see the new Anthropologie rug (thanks Mom & Dad!). This photo is kind of blurry. Sorry.

My tray table that Dad made me for Christmas!!

In unrelated news, however, I must present you these:

Yeah, ok, our mirror is cracked and the tile in that closet is ugly as hell and I don't want to be one of those people who takes pictures of their own body parts or clothes to show off how cool they are on their blog, but THEY FINALLY CAME! Never has a pair of shoes so made me want to put on a pair of shorts with tights and parade around town. I am such a tool. It's awesome.


el super said...

hey your legs look SUUUUPER fabulous and like skinny as hell. rock that shit like today! you make me long for non snowy icy days when i can rock my ankle boots which now i have had 4 different men "confess" to me in drunkenness "even though i think they are really kind of ridiculous they are sexy as hell!! why don't you wear them anymore!"

so what i'm saying is men (dan) will mock you but you need to just own them and know that secretly they think you look hot.

raquelite said...

I totally have boots like this and YES, they are awesome with shorts and tights.

Your room makes me jealous -- it looks so GOOD!

Kim said...

I LOVE your room, I LOVE your hedgehog, I LOVE your new banner, and I LOVE your Totally Hip Boots.

I miss you. Come back to MTV.