Monday, January 07, 2008

Les Cousins Dangereux

If I were on Tumblr (in a way where I actually posted things instead of just idly checking my dashboard), I would reblog this photo that Rach just posted. In fact, I am doing that now, just, not in a trendy way.

Seriously, Justin and I are re-watching (well, I am re-watching, he will be watching for the first time as soon as we're out of the first season) Arrested Development (now that he lives literally next door - it is a little ridiculous) and it's really even better than you remember. Michael Cera is slightly pudgier and way more underage in it than in this picture, but he is still inexplicably hilarious.

(By way of explanation, the title of this post comes from this episode...)

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Kelly said...

Ravi just came to visit me this past week in San Diego, and we finally started watching Arrested Development. I asked for the 1st season on DVD for Christmas, and then bought the 2nd season for 20 bucks at Target. Sweet deal! Anyway, it is amazing and freaking hilarious. It's sort of weird to watch because I have memories of a lot of random episodes that I sort of half-listened to when you and/or Becca were watching them in the living room. But I never fully appreciated this show till I started watching it from the very beginning. I also decided to get Netflix again and right at this very second I'm watching disc 1 of season 3. Also, Ravi has a friend who seriously could be Michael Cera's twin brother. Ever since Superbad and Juno got really popular, people have actually been stopping him at restaurants and stuff, thinking he really is Michael Cera. Ok, end of longest comment ever, and back to Season 3!