Thursday, January 24, 2008


Well, with the help of this really disorganized site, picnik (which is buggier than I expected it to be) and a good hour of refreshing and retrying, I finally managed to put a new banner on the top of the site. I do think it's a little girly, but I like it. It seems like some of you do too, since you've discovered it through my "fucking with my blog" gchat away message (I am so eloquent, am I not?). Anyone else have an opinion? I am feeling like I need to make some customization and changes. Less but better?!


Justin L. said...

I don't even like berries yet I like this banner. I think it really speaks to this moment in time and nicely underscores the title of your blog. Tasty!

Emily said...

but how can it be tasty if you don't like berries? at any rate, you should try olallieberries. i'm totally going to pick them again this summer. so delicious!