Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Internet Love-Hate

In related news, I so love and hate the Internet. Comments on YouTube suck, but comments on so many blogs are really insightful and well-put. I refer to the comments on the Jezebel article I just linked to. I particularly liked this one, this one, and this one so far (the third I feel like Dad will appreciate).


D said...

If Hillary Clintons boo hoo moment garnered her some votes in New Hampshire, then maybe that photograph of her with her crazy eyes, mouth wide open look, will take some away in the next state primary. yikes

D said...

I must admit that I do get turned off by Obama's tendancy to shift into preacher speak mode. that repeat the same f@$%ing line over and over, to pound it into your brain.
And, please leave Oprah home. Otherwise I might have to vote for someone else.