Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Can't say what it is but I'm sort of into guys with beards lately. Is that weird? I think it kind of is and I can't really name any examples per se, but I just feel like a good beard really does the trick sometimes. Anyway, this is all just a segue into posting about how I think Conan O'Brien looks good with a beard.

I haven't watched Conan in years, but even without writers he can still do that crazy little dance at the beginning of the monologue, which, let's face it, is pretty much my favorite part about his show anyway. The beard makes his hair look even poofier, which may be the only slight downside. Go here to watch his monologue from last week's return.

There was also a funny article about "strike beards" in this week's New Yorker. (Yes, that same issue.) I know for a fact that B.J. Novak had a beard last month because he went to the Facebook holiday party and that's the report I got -- but it's unclear if he's also doing that for the strike or if it's just maintaining his Corporate Ryan look.

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el super said...

i have an example of a hot bearded man...christian bale in 3:10 to yuma HELLO CAN I GET A WITNESS!!


hair is totally in

Emily said...

dude, i know. that was hot.