Thursday, December 29, 2005

more west Posted by Picasa

the west! Posted by Picasa

shadowcar Posted by Picasa

off the side of the road Posted by Picasa

southern california in a nutshell. there was another trojan sticker on the other side of the spare tire Posted by Picasa

Sunday, December 11, 2005

ravi's physics book Posted by Picasa

calm for once Posted by Picasa

change of pace... back to palo alto and pics ravi took of "animal." (which is his name.) he likes ravi's homework Posted by Picasa
i watched "love actually" tonight. as we all (should) know, i have a love-hate relationship with that movie. one thing i love about it is all the london scenes along the river, all the south bank and millennium bridge scenes. so i went on a europe kick. they're all scattered, so there's no coherence.

christmas tree at the tower of london Posted by Picasa

(rachel took this - HARVEYS the best sandwich shop EVER) Posted by Picasa

outside our hotel in paree Posted by Picasa

montmartre Posted by Picasa

pompidou (D is for Dignity) Posted by Picasa

river, boats, bridges Posted by Picasa

shadow from the eiffel tower Posted by Picasa

rollerblading and prayer are apparently totally normal habits near the eiffel tower Posted by Picasa

back to paris... the louvre Posted by Picasa

the mystery bus! Posted by Picasa

the guinness lake. the sand was imported to be the head on the beer. the sad thing is it's not a very big head.  Posted by Picasa

notre dame through trees Posted by Picasa

sparkles Posted by Picasa

crazy fountain outside of the pompidou. Posted by Picasa

this is what you do in paris, especially if dan anthony is your tourguide. (and cook!) Posted by Picasa

confession: i was taking a picture of people kissing in paris, and they caught me. Posted by Picasa

eiffel tower. i should learn to speak french. Posted by Picasa