Tuesday, November 15, 2005

driving to work

for the past two days, at least, there has been a baby carseat sitting on the corner outside the mormon church (or should i say the church of the latter-day saints) on stanford ave. it must be a sign.

there is a point, as i drive on alvarado towards work, where the trees are so tall and yellow and orange and the sky so blue that i feel like i'm up in the mountains, like heidi (with goats!). it's what makes getting up at 6:45 am worth it (that and the meager salary, i suppose).

Monday, November 14, 2005

still can't wait for "the hills" though

there are times when i realize i am really not the pop culture junkie i think i am. those times are called the laguna beach finale. which was dull as tombs. more importantly it was absolutely awful to watch without commercials. i seriously need a break between shitty half-acting spells and ditziness.

realization, however: jessica is too dumb for birth control.

i mean the jessica on tv. i hope no real jessicas feel insulted by that comment.

Friday, November 11, 2005

websites i look at when i am bored at work

yahoo.com (no scrolling down, no looking at entertainment news for fear of seeing results of apprentice episodes)
bankofamerica.com (checking finances)
all-story.com (subscription)
comcast.com (paying cable bill)
aim.com (downloading aim to work computer)
msn.com (reading gossip article about mary kate olsen)
tvgasm.com (reading laguna beach summaries)
dictionary.com (looking up words sean uses in emails)
google.com (googling tax terms)
sacbee.com (shoot me now)
emkettering.blogspot.com (looking for comments)
facebook.com (recently updated friends)
gmail.com (obvious)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

less homemade (in parts), though no less awesome, signage. Posted by Picasa

signage. Posted by Picasa

typical night for me

a beer, chex mix or other salty snack, and either girly children's books or girly movies... not in that sense. meaning i read/watch anne of green gables or pride and prejudice and drink a beer. i am all contradictions and awesomeness.