Thursday, October 27, 2005

david hall: well, you have to understand that from my point of view sean's activities and your activities are increasingly the same

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


some notes...

i got my first desperate "please let me into stanford law school" from a friend.

as a heads up for others interested, i have absolutely no impact on the decision whatsoever. except possibly i can give you lots of information, all of which is incidentally available on the website although not a single person seems to realize this.

every day when i drive to work, i notice that there are three small (under age 10) children who are the crossing guards on stanford ave. WHY! they seriously get way distracted by how bright their vests are and how cool their flags look waving around, and all of them are at stoplights where no one goes when they're not supposed to anyway. it's so pointless. it's like the blind leading the blind.

everytime i hang out with anyone on campus i am reminded that i really miss college. i miss living with LOTS of people i know and tonight suggested that we live in kibbutzes. i think in this case my childhood (er, and slightly current) wish to be jewish and my adult (er, slightly childish) wish to be in college still are combining. but seriously, i wish that more adults lived in co-ops or something instead of life-draining, fun-draining apartment complexes where no one knows each other and the facilities are incompetent. give us the power. i should start this trend. even before i lived with my friends (or with people who soon became friends) i knew this was a good idea. always when i got the question "what would you do if you won the lottery" i said i would buy a big house where all my friends could live. i think that sentence might be bastardized lyrics of a really bad song, possibly by everclear. it could be something else. back to the point, however, living in co-ops is really a very good idea. first of all, it's not wasteful. we wouldn't have to buy all this shitty ikea furniture every time we moved in and out of new apartments. we could cut out the middleman (in my case, my lovely landlord, who i will not name since this is after all the internet). we could conserve food, so i don't throw out formerly fresh lettuce, yogurt, cheese, parsley, etc. every week. and most of all we keep the fun going allllll the time. and no one ever has to drive home drunk (or sober, wishing they could be drunk).

anyway, wishful thinking i suppose.

i'm also thinking about entry-level jobs and how much they suck, but i may have to get back to you on that tomorrow. since now, it's bedtime for me since i have to get back to my sucky entry-level job early tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

more potential cat names

not in order. you can see the connections if you try hard enough. the ones with asterisks are the ones i like.

rosey* (short for rosencrantz)
gildy (short for guildenstern)
fozzie (as in the muppet)
animal* (muppet)
mikey (short for michelangelo, the ninja turtle)

the first housewarming party (cristina, dan and ivan's apt in sf) Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 02, 2005

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