Friday, January 11, 2008

Beaten down, backed into a corner

I don’t for a moment begrudge Hillary her victory on Tuesday. But if victory came for the reasons we’ve been led to believe – because women voters ultimately saw in her, exhausted and near defeat, a countenance that mirrored their own – then I hate what that victory says about the state of their lives and the nature of the emotions they carry forward into this race. I hate the thought that women feel beaten down, backed into a corner, overwhelmed and near to breaking point, as Hillary appeared to be in the debate Saturday night. And I hate even more that they’ve got to see a strong, smart and savvy woman cut down to size before they can embrace her as one of their own.

-Judith Warner, in her "Domestic Disturbances" blog on

Ok, I'm not going to argue about "who it was" who gave Hillary her victory -- there is enough speculation and rage out there already. But I will say that this gave me pause. It feels a little bit like she's talking about me.


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MissEm said...

Great quote! That really make me take pause...