Friday, January 04, 2008


Yeah, like everyone else in the country I'm obsessed with Juno now too. I was talking to a girl yesterday about it, and she noted that she was annoyed with it the same way she was annoyed by Gilmore Girls -- too witty. Granted. But whatever brief annoyance I had in the beginning of the movie was over by the end, when I just kind of fell head over heels for it. I've seen it twice and am already itching for it to come out on DVD.

Because I've been watching them today, then, help yourself to a couple of Juno-related links.

Proof that some people (ok, Ellen Page) do kind of talk like Juno talks:

(via Diablo Cody's Myspace blog)

Song from the end of the movie, with a handy selection of scenes: (DO NOT watch these things unless you've seen the movie, cause it will ruin it.)

Then a few gems from "The Pussy Ranch," Diablo Cody's blog (God, I hate myself for jumping on this bandwagon):
-Yes, the reference to "Tino" in the movie was totally a MSCL reference. I'm so happy.
-Juno's friend Leah's obsession with older men ("teachers") expressed itself in her wall collages that you couldn't see in the movie -- see a close-up here

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Kim said...

Small list of responses to your post:

1) I sort of love Ellen Page.
2) I have loved Kimya Dawson (music) for several years. Listen to Remember That I Love You. It's lovely.
3) Kimya Dawson is from Olympia, WA. I got to read a big article about her on the front page of The Olympian over Christmas. Joy.
4) Something else that I forgot. This always happens.