Friday, January 18, 2008


I've been trying to tell this story for ages. I had typed a text message in my phone, and, you know the automatic word setting? T9 or whatever? I typed something in and it gave me the word "rape" as the FIRST word choice. Like, the most "popular" word out of those four letter buttons. I found that really shocking but couldn't recreate it. I tried typing out the word and realized that really there aren't other words you can make out of those letters, except "rare," which, ha, I think is less rare than "rape." Or at least, it should be the first suggestion since I feel like not a lot of texters are casually talking about sexual assault. Anyway, I realized yesterday that this story I've been telling and trying to recreate forever is not actually the way it happened. ACTUALLY, I was trying to type "plate" and the first suggestion is "slave." Seriously?? This disturbs me. And yet when I want to type the word "shit" I have to switch to the regular ABC setting.

The trials and tribulations of the text-messaging bourgeoisie.

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