Monday, January 07, 2008


I will admit it: I kind of had a moment of warmth towards Hillary when I watched this clip of her "tearing up" in New Hampshire.

(It reminded me of my occasional nagging guilt that perhaps I am partially swayed by society's resentment of Hillary for being a woman in a man's field, and that it's all those sort of weirdly female self-hating things that make me dislike her, for, you know, something like her stridency and aggression. Because I honestly think if she always seemed this genuine, I would like her more, but then again, another way to look at this clip is that she is being more traditionally "female," soft-spoken, emotional, even a little fragile. So which is it that made me warm up to her? This is my inner debate.)

I'm still an Obama girl, though. Do you think either Clinton or Obama would a) ask the other to be their running mate or b) accept if asked? Just a random, uninformed thought.

(video from Justin)


D said...

I too had a moment with the same clip. Why is that?
On the other hand , she is such a politician that I wondered if it was sincere. go figure

Emily said...

I know. She also dropped 10 points behind Obama in a poll today. Coincidence?

I feel mean now.