Thursday, January 31, 2008

Belize it or not

Whew. What a day. I spent a good part of yesterday and today trying to find and buy tickets to Belize, where James, Justin, Dan, Laurel and I will be traveling at the end of March. We totally managed to con Continental Airlines' website -- it's kind of a long story and I'm still not sure how it happened but the point was we couldn't buy four tickets at once for $520 apiece, we could only buy 4 for $580 each. But, when we searched for just one ticket, it was $520 each. The customer service rep said that meant that there weren't enough tickets available at the lower price point. So I tried to buy three tickets for $520 -- and that was working. I did that while James tried to buy one for $520, and somehow, it worked! It was completely worth the fifteen minutes James (who also works at Google) and I spent on the phone walking through the Continental website together while my boss sort of patiently ignored the fact that I wasn't working. Luckily the rest of yesterday and today I was really busy with work -- luckily for her and my company, but not so much for the rest of you, who I am sure have missed my compulsive updates tremendously. Don't worry, I plan on catching up on blogging tomorrow and over the weekend. In the meantime, I'm wrapping up my work day and getting ready to go stand in line for like, three hours for the chance to see Vampire Weekend. It is truly ridiculous that you East Coasters have seen them play ad nauseum and the rest of us are reduced to queuing in the rain in SOMA just to be as hip as you all and see them once.


(Side note: The fact that "Belize" sounds like "believe" is furnishing us with tons of puns and you should expect to hear them through at least April.)

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