Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Ones We Love

I discovered The Ones We Love through one of my many designy/homey/photo-y blogs, which sadly I don't post about very often. (They are all so good, though.) This is a nice photo project. I wish, I wish I had more time to be artistic and take things slowly. I always feel like I am running around just trying to catch up, even already at this point in the year.

This was the first "Ones We Love" series I clicked on and I think I like it just because I want to look like this girl. I love the fourth one from the left. Kind of looks like a modern hipster fairytale or something.

I also like Ada Augustyniak and Peter Baker. And Andreea Bora, who is only 18! And the middle photo of Ali Bosworth's, which makes me think of Anne of Green Gables. (I have red hair envy.)

I haven't gone through all of them. I'm not that free or lazy at work.

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Anonymous said...

Emily, this is fucking great!