Friday, January 11, 2008

More on Hillary

Interesting article in the Times about women's votes for Hillary. The chart (it's on the left hand side) showing various differences in the types of people voting for Hillary and Obama (poll-wise) is the most interesting part.

So, I may as well say it. I'm conflicted. I'm trying to figure out what my vote for Obama means. I don't want to get caught up in this hype, but I want to question my motives for not voting for Hillary. If that makes any sense.

(Two reactions to the article here and here.)

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el super said...

i liked teh nytimes article kind this is random but you should peep both of obama and clinton's pages on wiki. obviously it's wiki so one can take it with a semi grain of salt but her's is ridic. When you read it it makes you wonder why anyone's reason for not voting for her would ever be her qualifications cuz she has a mad fucking CV. it also made me think about what people would say if i had a wiki page and made me feel liek i have done nothing work noting