Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Toby Flenderson is everything wrong with the paper business

How iTunes saved the Office

And thank God it did.

Paul Lieberstein, one of "The Office's" executive producers (who also plays human resources manager Toby) says that when the iTunes effect kicked in last December, "it was this huge gift that made everyone kind of go 'Wait, what's going on with that show?'"

Ever since then, "The Office" has paid almost as much attention to iTunes as to NBC. For example, "because people are watching more than once, it's become one more reason for us to to be very careful to include subtle things as well as broad physical stuff," Lieberstein says.

Does that explain why the second season is so damn addicting, and how everyone in my apartment has seen every episode at least twice?

(via TVSquad)

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