Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Last night I went and saw George Lakoff speak. He was sort of like that professor you had/have in college who repeats pretty much everything he's written in his lectures. I actually spent most of the last half-hour drifting in and out of sleep and being distracted by some strange fan action that was happening on the ceiling to the right of me. But he was still interesting. Sean sums up the talk here on his blog, and brings up another interesting point, which is that feeling about how this is a "historic" election. I'm sitting here watching CNN and right now three crucial Senate races are undecided, slightly in favor of the Democrats at the moment. It's really nervewracking and scary, and as usual I am reminded of how much of the country does not agree with me. You can be very spoiled (what I would call spoiled) if you have lived in California your entire life. But what I'm shocked by for the first time in an election is the insane partisanship that's happening in this election. It might just be because this is the first time I've felt pretty informed about the election - or it might be because this midterm election has been characterized as a historic election so I've just been paying attention - but I feel like I've never seen such outright disses against the opposite party as I have this election. I feel like it's all been about the other party and not about the other candidate (although there have been plenty of slurs against candidates too) - and Bush saying that if the Democrats win, the terrorists win really is only the best example of that. Has it been like this before, or is it just me? I ask this question genuinely, since I don't feel informed enough to answer it myself, so be nice to me in the comments, please.

Oh well. It's time for me to stare at CNN for the rest of the night and look forward to 2008.

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