Thursday, November 30, 2006

Triple booking my Tivo

Tonight is gonna be bad. Very bad.

Let me show you how:
8pm - Ugly Betty
8:30pm - OFFICE!
9pm - Scrubs
9pm - Grey's Anatomy
9pm - The OC

I have an elaborate scheme worked out that should be okay, but which will, in all likelihood, stress me out so much that I'll be thankful when the OC finally just bites the dust (in, what, 9 episodes?).

Scheme is: Tivo the Office, obvi. Watch Ugly Betty online (as well as, um, the last two episodes that I totally have not watched yet). Tivo Scrubs (we have roommate agreements. We share Tivo). Tivo Grey's on Friday night (because it doesn't steal enough of the nation's audience just on Thursday). Tivo The OC on my computer. Which makes liveblogging difficult.

Anyway, there is not much reason to blog this except that I am mentally organizing my life right now and figured I'd share with you how complicated life really is when you only have a single-tuner Tivo and a serious addiction to seriously bad television.


Anonymous said...

em, if you want i can hook you up with all the stuff you need to get these shows off bit torrent networks. real easy, real free, real fast.

Anonymous said...

No!no! Schedule conflict is a blessing in disguise!