Monday, November 13, 2006

Team JAM!


Yes, these.

I almost want one of each so I can change according to my mood. I am so torn! I think Karen has more balls, and we know Jim has a straightforward, non-wimpy-unrequited love side to him from his short date-y relationship with the purse salesgirl played by Amy Adams. So he and Karen could just work. They arguably have a more "adult" relationship. But, Pam! Come on, Jim is so supportive and they have so much fun together (example: their trip to buy get-well gifts for Kevin at the grocery store. Clearly if you can have fun in a grocery store, you are MFEO)! That said, Pam seriously made a mistake by refusing Jim's affection - the worst part is that she knows it. And now she's trying to make up for it, and so far, that doesn't look so happening. In real life, in all likelihood, Jam would be over and Jaren (Kim? Kam?) would prevail.

As it is, we're probably going to sit through seasons of pain as Jim and Pam try dating and then totally break up and experience awkwardness all over the place before a (not contrived, the Office doesn't do shitty plot twists) reunion circa the series finale. So, in the interests of not watching Jim and Pam get together only to break up, should I be on Team Karen? I just don't know.

In the meantime, I may just have to buy those t-shirts. Both of thems.

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Anonymous said...

emily, i am so with you! i can't choose sides! there are so many obvious reasons to cheer for both pam and karen, i think we (meaning you and i) should just have a shirt that says team pam on the front and team karen on the back. that way we're cool.