Wednesday, November 29, 2006

body count

Hours: 6
Episodes of TV: 6
Episodes of Top Chef: 1
Members of Top Chef cast I don't hate yet: 3 (out of 10)
Members of Top Chef cast I'm preparing to hate: 2 (in addition to 7 already hated)
Times I use the word "douchebag" in reference to Top Chef: countless
Times I say "I love Tom Calicchio, even though he is a douchebag": ditto above
Episodes of Friday Night Lights: 1
Lines of blog entry I would devote to Friday Night Lights if I wasn't committed to this format of numbering: lots
Lines of future blog entry detailing why I love Friday Night Lights: unknown
Episodes of 24 (1st season, 1st DVD): 4
Moments Kelly had to avert her eyes from gory 24 scenes: at least 2.
Attempts/wishes to go to Blockbuster to rent 2nd 24 DVD: 1 (encompassing 1 hour)
Potential hours of sleep lost should Blockbuster plan not given way to sense: 4
References to those times I loved/obsessed over Alias: countless
References to time I watched Alias for 10 hours straight with Xtina: 1
References to how I can't trust anyone on 24 because of something I saw on Alias once: at least 2 per episode
Jack Bauer's body count: Lost count already.
Jack Bauer's resemblance to my friend Santiago: Lost count already.
Bottle of wine: 3/4 finished.

In other words, I am a wine wimp but a TV stud.

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