Thursday, November 09, 2006

First Reader Poll Ever

Hey all 5 of you -

and more specifically, for all 2 of you who read through my OC liveblogs -

Do you want more plot recap, or is the random, typed-super-fast-without-pausing-tivo observations of random ugly sweaters and/or non-shocking plot developments without explaining the actual event, but only saying things like "Oh no you didn't" thing working for you?

In other words, do you actually care if I make a point to tell you what happened, or would you rather just see my mind spit out whatever observations it happens to make?

Tell me so I can act like the Democrats and respond awkwardly to poorly organized polls that show me what I think you might want. (I kid. I'm just going with the George Lakoff/disgruntled Progressives/bitter Republicans line.) No really. Tell me so I can write for my audience!


Anonymous said...

I like the randomness of it all.very funny. don't really care about the actual, plot line...only your take on it.

Anonymous said...

They need to kill off a few more people, especially that shrimp. Ryan. He has two expressions, one like he's just about to get in a fight and the other like he was just in a fight.

Anonymous said...

I like the randomness too. Don't change them!