Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Lessons learned

Morning matches of opposites for your enjoyment.

Yes: Tara Reid
No: Ashlee Simpson
Lesson: Plastic surgery is bad. Unless it's plastic surgery to repair your old plastic surgery, in which case you will look foxy again.

Yes: Blue Man Group on Scrubs.... please, please tell me that the analrapist (hey, it's half analyst and half therapist, don't get all offended) Tobias Funke will soon follow as a guest star.
No: OJ Simpson on TV.
Lesson: Don't kill your wife, get away with it, and then tell people how you would have done it if you had. I don't know what that has to do with Zach Braff, the Blue Man Group, Scrubs, or Arrested Development but I know that one of these things is going to be hilarious and the other thing is going to be incredibly depressing to watch because it will remind you how much our justice system totally blew it in 1996.

(Oh yeah, and also, please absorb, as I have been since I read about this yesterday, the title of the OJ Simpson special: "If I did it, this is how it happened." WHAT!?! I think even grammatically that is a mess, which should indicate something about the deep, deep psychological secret shit going on here.)

Yes: Unbearable Lightness of Being finally released in Czech
No, No, No!: All Weinstein movies only to be released via Blockbuster
Lesson: Making something available to many people at once in many places (er, languages) is good. Exclusivity is bad. Down with the man. While you are at it, stop buying music from Apple. Wait, too late.

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