Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I won't type the title of this anti-feminist movement because it creeps me out.

Every once in a while articles like this scare the crap out of me.

"Family planning," Pride argues, "is the mother of abortion."

Well, that's a sort of tidy way to put it.

And, for good measure:

"Some people think that what I'm doing--having eleven children--is wrong. I don't really get into that much. The Bible says 'be fruitful and multiply.' That's my belief system. They don't believe in God, so they think we have to conserve what we have. But in my belief system, He's going to give us a new earth." Overpopulation isn't a problem in a universe where God promises a clean global slate.

(via the Sinner's Guide to the Evangelical Right)


Anonymous said...

this is terrifying, em! can you imagine how many conservative fundamentalist christians will be spawned by these people? how do we fight back, have dozens of children ourselves and raise them all to be liberal? damn...

Anonymous said...

the bible says a lot of shit that these idiots don't adhere to. Why is it that they have to adhere to "Be fruitful and multiply"? yikes

Anonymous said...

Shermer my friend. There is no proof for evolution what so ever.
THis moronic line of nonsense was from a person writing to Skeptic online in responce to a Michael Shermer article about evolution. when it comes to fighting back against Conservative christians, this is the kind of thinking were up against.
Hang onto your seats!

"I recommend that you have a talk with Mr. Kent Hovind and get some real facts. Don’t let this evolution thing get you down. Evolution is the cause of many many deaths. Rather receive the free gift of salvation and get saved, the end times are near and people need to know about Jesus."


Anonymous said...

oops. that first part that says Shermer my friend is supposed to go with the Quote. sorry for the messy entry