Monday, November 06, 2006


So nervous.

And a Fox News poll that says:

Among those saying they will vote for the Democratic House candidate, twice as many say it is because they want a change in leadership (54 percent), while others say it is because they agree with the policies of the Democratic Party (21 percent).

I don't know much about polling but all I know is I have been waiting for the other shoe to drop for a month and a half now. The fact that the election is tomorrow is just making me incredibly nervous. My lack of comprehensive information or understanding on matters of politics just makes me more nervous, but I do know that the stubborn refusal of Bush or his administration to give way on any issue even when it would clearly benefit the entire country worries me a lot. No shit, it is time that there is a change of leadership.

Crossing my fingers.


Anonymous said...

this is TERRIBLE! we don't want people to vote along party lines, we want people to vote for the candidates, and we want the candidates to not always toe the godamn party line. this is terrible! the pendulum has swung in one direction, now we wait 6-14 years for it to swing back.

Emily said...

Who's voting along party lines? Or do you just mean the idea that people are voting not for the policies but for a change? I don't think that's quite party lines. Anyway kind of unclear on what you mean here.