Friday, March 07, 2008

The wrong kind.

I'm back from my 1000th post with more inanity. Truly, I can't say it enough: Stuff White People Like is SO TRUE. Naturally it's true for all of my friends including my friends Ashoke (Indian, who has pretty much just started announcing that he is white randomly and every time I've talked to him for like the past two weeks) and Cristina (Mexican) so it's obviously just true for hipster 20-something educated folks, which is why I loved this one line in #84: T-Shirts:

It is also imperative to understand that faux vintage shirts (”Getting Lucky in Kentucky”) are completely unacceptable. They are beloved by the wrong kind of white people, and must be avoided at all costs.

Ah, so true.


acd said...

Well, if you ask some people, it's not so much that Ashoke is so white, but that white people are all Indian. Check out this visualization of the journey of man:

Anonymous said...

Three words: Ronzoni sono buoni."