Friday, March 07, 2008

Belated blog post about F*cking Matt Damon

Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's totally all over the blogosphere (gag me for even uttering that word), but you have to admit that the "I'm f*&king Ben Affleck" video was a major coup for Jimmy Kimmel. It's one of those moments where I love celebrities for all being this group of semi-friends with inside jokes that they can have a good time with. (It's the same reason I appreciate movies that aren't funny just because it seems like the cast itself had such a blast making it.) Anyway, as a result I was happy to see this brief interview with Ben Affleck and Jimmy Kimmel in Entertainment Weekly, explaining how the short came about.

If you for some reason have not seen the Ben Affleck or Matt Damon videos, here:

The original.

The spoof.

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Kim said...

I am with you on the celebrity groups of friends making things together thing. (bad sentence there. please forgive.)

I was just telling The Boy about this the other day...I love how Johnny Depp and Danny Elfman are buddies, and did you know that Helena Bonham Carter is married to Tim Burton and Johnny Depp is their baby's godfather? Love it. And don't even get me started on the Will Ferrell crowd (the movies don't make me nearly as happy as the cast/crew), or the Steve Carrell crowd....

Makes me almost want to go back to theatre.