Monday, March 10, 2008

My So-Called Life

For some reason I've been reading bits and pieces of the script to the "boiler room episode" of My So-Called Life all day. Damn, that episode is SO GOOD. I've been just giggling to myself all morning. I intend to watch it (for probably the 35th time) tonight. Some clips:

And just for good measure, the last bit of the series. This kills me EVERY TIME.

The part where he says "But you liked it, though, right? It made you like, happy?" is sort of the Juno "I try really hard actually" moment of the 90s.

Man, I really wish I was not at work right now.


Casey said...

Ah!! The moment he holds her hand!! As Cristina would say, I. Could. DIE. It reminds me of the second-to-last day of sophomore year--I was babysitting for one of the school counselors and the guy I had liked all year, a popular guy, mind you, called me at her house and asked me to be his girlfriend. And then I called my best friend and we screamed, literally screamed for five minutes. I freaked out the kids and burned the mac and cheese. But for one blissful day, I was his girlfriend. We broke up over the summer, but remembering that last day of school, the way I felt, always makes me a little giddy.

I wonder if, ten years later, Angela also gets drunk at the Tavern on Main and loudly proclaims that he has stupid hair.

el super said...

dude i actually remember watching that scene like live and not knowing what was gonna happen and having my heart for reals flutter in that moment when he takes her hand. I REALLY DID DIE, GUYS!! i mean a part of me died because that never really happens.

Is it weird that i always like Brian? Like i wished i had a brian who could be my boyfriend and write me poems and take photographs of me and we could do our science projcts together.

PS, i died like 8 times while watching these clips