Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Seed Bank

This is old news now, but the Times did a slideshow of the Global Seed Bank last week. It's very strange and Golden Compass/Svalbard-like. Not to mention the whole idea is sort of reminiscent of sci-fi plots where they send an ark-like spaceship into the void in the chance that all human life on earth will be destroyed. Ok, so maybe it's like the Ark, but the point is that it's still sort of surreal to think of thousands of seeds being stored yards under the Arctic ice. You can check out some of the slideshow here, read the accompanying article here, or better yet read the long piece from The New Yorker a few months back about the rationale for the Seed Bank. It's one of the better New Yorker items I've read in the past sixth months, and definitely worth a look.

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