Monday, March 24, 2008

It can't come soon enough.

Dan sent me this article for the Belize "mindset."

I am in the ocean, doing nothing, just bobbing.

I am facing a golden-sugar beach, a low pink hotel, a thatched palapa baking in the heat. To my left, a long crescent stretch of bay, a cradling arm around a basket of blue. To my right, a stone jetty. Beyond it, a port full of oceangoing tankers and the cliff-hugging city of Manzanillo. Behind me, the limitless Pacific. All around, pelicans loitering in the swells, which lift and gently drop me, my arms out, toes brushing velvet sand.

Boy, howdy. Sunscreen at the ready.

(P.S. Also, derrumbes is a great word.)


Anonymous said...

Derrumbes? Landslides/Falling rocks? I'm confused. Why?


Emily said...

It sounds good, and it sounds like rumbling. onomatopoeia!

Anonymous said...

A close friend really likes the word 'penumbra', since there exists no equivalent in English:

or try define:penumbra in Google.

Anonymous said...

sara says...

boy, howdy?

i take some responsibility for that, although i realize it's probably some hipster ironic thing to say.

OR TEXAN! (yee haw)