Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Um, good to know, I guess:

Recent studies have shown that heavy drinking does more damage to the teenage brain than previously suspected, while the part of the brain responsible for judgment is not even fully formed until the age of 25.

“If we were to argue that responsible drinking requires a responsible brain, theoretically we wouldn’t introduce alcohol until 25,” said Dr. Ralph I. Lopez, a clinical professor of pediatrics at Weill-Cornell Medical College who specializes in adolescents.

This blog entry brought to you by a 24 and a half year old who has been drinking for more than 6 years...


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sara says...

i remember telling people this in college. it didn't make me very popular. but now i can say it, and be like, you have to take me seriously, because i'm going to be a doctor.

(ignore the fact that doctors have abnormally high rates of substance abuse)