Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Er, take it back

Sorry, this will be my last post on a political note today. Apparently there's a sort of ridiculous "strike" going on on DailyKos. One of the pro-Clinton bloggers on the site is refusing to write anymore because the site is biased towards Obama. This is the kind of shit I find hilarious and fascinating due to my obsession with the Internet and all things blogs. I mean really, only in this modern age. Here's some background on the "strike"/boycott and here is Kos' take on the matter (which happens to also be a pretty eloquent little argument against Clinton). I used to try to read DailyKos daily, and it was too much for me (like trying to read the entire New York Times every day, or finish the New Yorker each week), but I'm checking in now and finding it really fascinating. It is great to have a non-"mainstream" source for political news (although really it's so popular that it's sort of mainstream as far as blogs go). That and the New York Times' "Caucus" blog are my go-to sources these days.

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D said...

Maybe now Hillery will finally quit whining about the press being too nice to Obama. Really good opinion in the LATimes By Tim Rutten.,0,5754610.column