Monday, March 10, 2008

If you wanna sing

This is a shitty video but this song has been in my head all day. I'm in a good mood, so even though this song lyrically is kind of sad, I don't care.

The song is "If we can land a man on the moon, surely I can win your heart" by Beulah.

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Scott Henderson said...

I'm a little behind on my blog reading – something that is spread so thin anyway it's totally ridiculous.

1) congrats on entry 1,000. I'm seriously impressed and inspired to up my own efforts.

2) I love you and hate you for introducing me to StuffWhitePeopleLike having cringed at this recent line:

"Returning to school is an opportunity to join an elite group of people who have a passion for learning that is so great they are willing to forgo low five-figure publishing and media jobs to follow their dreams of academic glory."