Thursday, March 13, 2008

Hot Mess

Whenever I read Urban Dictionary I am reminded of the fact that my life is relatively pure. 90% of the entries on there reference lewd acts I have zero interest in even thinking about. That said, it's pretty darn enlightening and amusing to peruse some of the definitions. For example, this morning I was talking to Ace about the phrase "hot mess." I defined it as a particularly vivid mess, or a mess that you've earned somehow. Frequently the creation/evolution of the hot mess involves alcohol, i.e. "I'm such a hot mess, I showed up to work drunk/hungover/in the same clothes as last night" (I have not done that!) Or "I was a hot mess last night." I feel like the vividness comes from some intense living of life, which leads to you being something of a disaster. (I should disclaim here that the reason we were talking about this today is that we stayed up too late last night for no reason and rolled up to work feeling terrible and looking not much better. My yellow sweater is not particularly helping, nor is the fact that I have a pile of work to do.) Anyway, so hot mess is a great, great term. Urban Dictionary has a few definitions I appreciate:

"someone who would by no other means be sexy but for some odd reason is. Most likely due to their disregard for self, or humor, or just kuz they're dumbasses"

"adj., Foustian in origin. Used to describe things that are extreme. Must be used in context for the listener to understand whether it is positive or negative. In the negative sense, it takes on a tone of high sarcasm." (so not an adjective, though)

Ok, thus ends my vocabulary post of the day. Back to work, really!

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Kim said...

There was an SNL skit (last weekend, I think) where Amy Poehler played that gay guy from Project Runway...apparently he said Hot Mess a lot?