Thursday, March 06, 2008

Down with John McCain

If you, like I am, are worried that the continuing race between Clinton and Obama will just give McCain a chance to beef up his campaign for November and therefore result in five (or more! except he is old!) years of him, read this. It might make you feel a little better.
(I read too much. It's like my day is an emotional roller coaster build out of blogs.)

P.S. More and more about McCain's anti-choice politics. It is so annoying that liberals don't hate him.


Anonymous said...

Why do you (or anyone else) have to hate someone because of a disagreement with their policy beliefs? I hope you aren't turning into one of those wackos that post in the comments on Huffington Post.
-Chris O.

Emily said...

For me, this isn't just a matter of policy. It's a matter of my body and my choice. I think a lot of other folks would agree with me IF they knew that McCain was not as he seemed, and that just because he's not totally loved by the right wing of his party doesn't mean he should be embraced by the (moderate?) wing of ours.

At any rate, I have yet to comment on Huffingon Post. But didn't you expect this from me?