Monday, March 24, 2008

Outside Lands

I'm beyond words excited for the Outside Lands festival in SF this August. I was disappointed by the Coachella lineup, but this one is right in my own backyard and cheaper, plus it has Radiohead. The kicker for me is Wilco, since they were supposed to play at Coachella when I went in 2004, but then Jeff Tweedy had to go into rehab. Blah. I feel vindicated!

The only worry is that tickets go on sale while I'm in Belize... may have to find a designated ticket purchaser.


el super said...

hey i want to go to this!! are you going for sure?? i was planning on being in cali visiting my parents the last week of august. let me know if you go

D said...

This looks way better than standing in the desert. Good lineup too.