Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Primary Colors

I'm getting to the point where I kind of want a joint ticket. No, but see as I wrote that I remembered that I don't want to put another legacy family back in the White House. Anyway, perhaps what's at the bottom of this emotion is that I want this race to be over already. I am relatively pleased with yesterday's results -- Obama's campaign is calculating (and Talking Points Memo is tentatively agreeing) that Hillary only regained 4 delegates, and either way I wasn't expecting him to blow her away, I just wanted him to do moderately well (and to at least win one of the states, but, whatever, I am resigned). Still, I can't believe that the next big state is Pennsylvania, at the end of April. Meanwhile, John McCain is sitting pretty and preparing his national campaign. Argh, it just makes me mad. I watched his speech last night after he won and I found myself experiencing the kind of rage I normally feel watching George Bush's speeches, and I realized that I am really, really not ready for four more years of that. Just not at all. I hardly feel prepared to deal with the next eight months. All this deceptive Republican (no offense) rhetoric bullshit, disguised as populism and compassion. Man.

Anyway, I'm going to go back to refreshing the Texas caucus results.

And, more food for thought. (I agree with parts of it. via)

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Kim said...

If McCain wins, I'm
moving to Canada