Thursday, March 20, 2008


I really, really, really want to send this picture into Jezebel for their "Past Fashions" feature... they are looking for retro Easter pictures and I think this one is pretty fab. But since it's my sister, not me, who is the more amusing one here, I just couldn't bring myself to e-mail it in. It's just not fair to do it without asking her permission. Like posting someone's IM chat on your blog without asking.

(Partly I like it cause it's so classic California. The poppies and everything! And I'm trying to sit all daintily and you can tell Lucie is either having a grand old time or really sick of wearing that dress and sitting on an awkward rail for so long.)

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D said...

it's funny , I don't even remember dressing you guys up for easter. I mean it's not like we were off to church or anything. cute picture