Wednesday, March 19, 2008

More on the speech...

I'm still processing all this to-do over Obama's speech yesterday. I know I really liked it, and I agree with the commentators who are saying that it's historic, honest, etc. I know it's getting a lot of coverage but there's no sign of what it may do to him (or for him) in the polls or in Pennsylvania. But mostly I almost feel like it's not even getting the credit it deserves. I don't think it matters if it helps or hinders him in the long run, because even if he doesn't win, it is a great speech and an incredibly important one.

I want to quote my dad here just for good measure and because it's true:
I think it's interesting that some people in this country are all of a sudden pissed off that some politician has a preacher that supports him, that then says something stupid. What the hell? this is the kind of stuff that has been going on for years now. without the anger this particular story has brewed up.
Bush has been getting advice from crackhead, thieving liars, for the last seven plus years. Of course this is when he's not getting advice from his imaginary friend.

Alright, enough about that. I'll get back to blogging non-political things.

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