Sunday, November 18, 2007

Things I learned from the New York Times article on Jimmy Wales

Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia, did basically a survey of his life in the New York Times mag a little while ago. Why do I care? Not sure. For some reason I regard him with a certain level of suspicion that is entirely unmerited. Anyway: What I learned.

-Jimmy Wales has bad taste in movies.

Favorite movie: “The Matrix.”

-Jimmy Wales likes to use various permutations of the word "spiffy."

Latest gadget: I’m really spiffed about the Sidekick.
Favorite item of clothing: I have a black velvet sport coat that I wear quite often. It is soft, spiffy and it looks cool.

-Jimmy Wales and I have the same bad habits.

Guilty pleasure: Playing Scrabble on Facebook. I do that when I am supposed to be working.

-My job decision a year ago was apparently a lot more of a decision between competitors than I knew.

Obsession: Currently, it’s It is meant to take on Google by creating a search engine where all the editorial decisions are made by the general public and all the software is open.

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