Tuesday, November 06, 2007

More, more, more

Not surprisingly my stomach hurts today thanks to my weekend of epic eating and the fact that my body hates me. So it's hard to concentrate on work. It's easier to concentrate on blogging.

I have a collection of blogs I read of people I vaguely know but don't know well enough that we actually admit (often) to reading each other's blog. One such person is Ellen, who lived next door to me at the Columbia Publishing Course, went to school with the "east coast half of the Lasky twins," the west coast half of which is one of my friends. I guess this is sort of a public de-lurking and it's inspired primarily by NaBloPoMo (it's because Ellen was doing it that I remembered it existed and jumped on the bandwagon) and also partly by the fact that this girl posts to goodreads.com even more than I do, so she is therefore awesome. Anyway, she essentially started a meme the other day for the "Last Five" books that you've read. For you loyal goodreaders, this is old news, but I felt like doing it anyway (remember, I have an excuse to post useless things today).

Last 5 Books...
-Mysteries of Pittsburgh. I saw it on sale at Green Apple (remaindered) for around $8, but it seemed wrong to buy it after I just finished it. Still, you already know I appreciate this one.
-Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. Genius. Also almost bought Consider the Lobster yesterday until I realized it was more than $8. I only bought books under $6 yesterday.
-The Last Picture Show. I liked Lonesome Dove better. But. Still. Good.
-Not Fade Away. I quoted this for you already. Wow, I think I am a better blogger than I thought.
-Jonathan Franzen's "The Discomfort Zone." Better than many of the reviews indicated. He has a great way of synthesizing random things and thoughts and ideas and making them all seem related, which I appreciate in a memoir, and aspire to do myself, and often do, in a sloppy way.

Probably my last 5 movies (half-watched Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Edward Scissorhands, The Darjeeling Limited, Into the Wild, Match Point) are more interesting, or my last 5 concerts (Broken Social Scene, Josh Ritter, Justice, Dan Deacon/Girl Talk, and... Feist? Was it that long ago?).

Grump. Back to work.

(Edit: You know what's actually really strange? That all of this stuff you could already know if you were plugged in on the Internet just slightly more. Meaning, there is this site called FriendFeed, started by a couple of ex Google employees, which basically aggregates ALL the stuff you use online -- Netflix queue, Amazon wish list, Flickr photo posts, etc. -- on one site. You can get all the info all the time. Is it creepy? A little. Am I intrigued? A little. Ok. Back to work for real this time.)

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Ellen said...

I read your blog too, but I had planned on pretty much lurking until the end of time... but then you called me out, so, uh, hi.

I am pretty addicted to GoodReads, in part because it's way better than my old methods of keeping random lists of books in journals/ Word documents/ e-mails to myself that start with "to read." In fact I will probably visit it anon, because I haven't read any of your last five, even though I like Franzen and love Chabon and am always hearing about Mr. Foster Wallace (Mr. Wallace?) And The Last Picture Show I want to read because I read something about the movie, and so I'd probably want to read the book first before I saw that. At this rate, the Internet is going to become obsolete before I finish reading all the books I have on there. Oh well.