Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mr Splashy Pants

Have you hear about the "name a whale" contest that Greenpeace is having? The winning name at the moment is "Mr. Splashy Pants." It sounds like something that Brett and Lucie and I would have named something as kids. (Lucie and I did have, of course, No-neck Skipper, a Skipper -- that means a Barbie, only "younger," meaning she had smaller boobs -- doll whose head had come off and so we smashed it back on her neck with Scotch tape -- I really should find pictures of this.)

Here's the story on how it happened (the short version, as it is with so many stories these days, is "God bless the Internet"). And here are a few more links.

(actually, via a work e-mail list)

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