Monday, November 26, 2007

Excedrin works

I woke up this morning with a headache -- took two Advil -- came to work and found myself with a worse headache by 10:30. So for the first time in my life I tried the migraine sufferer's friend, Excedrin, and if I am not tempting fate too much right now, it seems to have had at least a slight effect. That's very exciting, I know, but I consider it a small victory today, since today so far has not been super pleasant. I'm filling in for someone at work and finding that a bit challenging (fuck, headache just came back a bit), and this headache was not the best way to start back at work after a week's pseudo-vacation. Grump.

That said though, things seem to be looking up... I have been of course re-evaluating my life and coming up with some good goals (exercise Tuesday through Thursday is one example) and feeling a little centered. And last night's Love Actually viewing was everything I hoped it would be, nerd that I am. Now that my headache's fading I can post here today!

Also, I have to say this: NaBloPoMo has been really nice. I love sitting down for just a bit every day to write something, even the days I only have thirty seconds to jot down a quick hello. It is a nice kind of routine, a mental checkup. So I have to thank you, my meager but dedicated readership, because this is helpful to me to write and so it's even better to know it's being read. Hurray for blogs!


Anonymous said...

regular old Anacin, if they make it still works great for me. It's got caffeine in it to deliver the aspirin to the noggin quicker.

Emily said...

actually excedrin has caffeine too. it's causing me some major shakes right now given my recent quitting-of-caffeine.